About Us

W.S. Deans is original creator of the T-plug connector, which are a type of electrical connector commonly used in radio-controlled (RC) hobby applications, particularly for connecting batteries to electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and motors in RC vehicles and aircraft. The DEANS® connector design is distinctive for its polarized, high-current capability and low-resistance properties.

The company was founded by Walter S. Deans Jr., who patented the design for the DEANS® connector in the 1960s. The DEANS® connector quickly gained popularity among RC enthusiasts due to its ability to handle high currents without excessive resistance or heating. This was especially important in the world of RC hobbies where efficient power delivery is crucial for performance.

DEANS® connectors come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different voltage and current requirements, making them a popular choice among RC hobbyists. Over the years, other connector types have also gained popularity, but DEANS® connectors continue to be used by many in the hobbyist and professional RC communities.