W.S. Deans Co. was a pioneer in the early days of the RC industry,beginning with reeds and relays, then moving into radio and connector design. In 1955, the SPDT Relay was introduced primarily for R/C planes but was even used on computers.

Here's William “Bill” Deans pictured in a 1955 RC magazine

Bet you didn't know-

Does your R/C car transmitter have a steering wheel?  You can thank Deans for that. That's right we designed and manufactured the first one!

In the days of NiCad and NiMH cells, Deans produced the revolutionary Speed Jig. Its’ patented design with a clamp for the battery bar made it the #1 selling battery jig. XTREME RC CARS Magazine gave it an A+ rating, even going so far as to say, "THE MISSES - If you can figure something out, tell us." The publisher, Mike Velez told us it was the highest rated product he ever tested!

In the mid-2000s DEANS® went racing - no not R/C Open Wheel - Formula BMW, Star Mazda, Toyota Atlantic, and Champ Car Atlantic. Click this link to see the 2008 Long Beach Grand Prix Atlantic Championship. Long Beach Grand Prix.