• Connector Comparison with Deans Ultra Plug

    Comparison of Ultra Plug® to the QS8, XT90, XT60, and XT30, and T-Plug Clones

  • Low Resistance for Efficient Power Transfer Combined with Compact Design for Easy Installation

    Deans® connectors have low electrical resistance, ensuring efficient power transfer and minimizing the risk of overheating. Whether looking at resistance or amps, Deans® has it.

    Deans® connectors are designed to be compact, making them easy to install in tight spaces including inside of airsoft guns. With the light weight, the connector will not pull out of the ESC when vibrations are high.

    With the large range of wire gauge sizes to work with and in a compact size, Deans® is here for you.

Ultra Plug Dime Size

Binding Batteries to Controllers with Deans® Connectors

DEANS® Ultra Plug®, the original T-Plug, is the ideal choice for connecting batteries to speed controls and motors in the RC hobby industry. With low electrical resistance, they ensure efficient power transfer and minimize the risk of overheating.

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Quality Products

Discover our wide range of high quality connectors and wire.

Deans® 8 Pin Connector Pair

Experience Enhanced Performance and Reliability with Deans® Connectors

Deans® offers an assortment of multi-pin connectors with numerous benefits over other types of connectors in the market. With their compact, flat design and low electrical resistance, they ensure efficient power transfer, minimizing the risk of overheating. Their durability and reliability make them ideal for high-current applications, withstanding repeated connections and disconnections.

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