DEANS® Engineering - Step 4 It feels too small

In the previous post, we 3D printed a small connector holder.  It just did not feel robust enough.  Yes, I said "feel".  In product design there are elements of fit, form, and function.  The previous design had fit and function, but it lacked in form.  Which such as small size, it could easily get lost in a toolbox.  Though it would be less expensive, it did not seem the right path to go.  

At W.S. Deans Co., we solder the connectors as part of our product offering.  Specifically, we offer pre-tinned pigtails with the connector already in place.  When we do so, we have several mounted so we can get some economies of scale.  So in the next version, we took a look a look at integrating for more connectors.  We also changed to acrylic to test out its look.

Here we set it up for 4 plugs.  We tested with 1/8" and 1/4" acrylic.  The 1/4" felt more robust.  The "U" below the plug allows for the acrylic to spring, thus holding the part more consistently.  In this version, we held it in a vice, though we could add a hole toward the bottom if we wanted to put it into a stand similar to the first version we designed.

It was starting to look better and hold better.  A couple improvements started to come to mind, make it so that there are 3 positions, rather than rotating the entire block.  Wait for next week's post to see what the next iteration came out to be.

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