Deans Dealers: Visiting Ultimate Hobby in Orange, California

The dealers of make up an important part of the distribution of genuine Deans products.  We like to thank those that have supported us and through the years.  In this post we highlight the visit to one of the RC shops, Ultimate Hobbies.

Ultimate Hobbies is located in Orange, CA.  It has a healthy collection of RC Cars, Boats, and Planes.  In visiting the store, we asked a simple question as we were looking to upgrade one of our RC cars.  "Do you carry Deans®, genuine Deans®?"  They answered, "Yes".  And then they proceeded to say they do not sell any of the knockoffs since they are of low quality and low melt.

That is the word from the street, in looking for quality connectors, W.S. Deans is the go to for upgrading your RC vehicles.  Make sure to ask, "Do you carry Deans®, genuine Deans®?"

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