DEANS® Tech Bench - Ultra Plug® vs. T-Plug Clones - Parallel Amp Test

Here at W.S. Deans, we are proud to offer high quality connectors.  The most critical feature of a connectors is its ability to pass current by minimizing resistance.  In the linked video, we show how our Ultra Plug® compares to clones that have come into the market.  These clones, or T-Plugs, typically use lower quality materials in an effort to cut costs and deprive the user from needed power.

Follow this link for the video 

At our test bench, each connector was run in parallel.  In this case the power source would be the same for each connector, but the increased resistance from the clones would lower their amperage. The net result as it applies to a motor in a system is that the motor does not see as much of the current as needed to reach expected RPM.  Remote aircraft have fallen for this reason.  Below are the results of Test 1.

At W.S. Deans, we want you to reach the best performance possible, whether it is a mission critical drone, a competition drag race, or robust automation equipment.  When purchasing a T-Plug, make sure it is a Genuine Deans® Ultra Plug®.

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