DEANS® Tech Bench - Male Side Cover

Over the years, we have received many comments regarding the male side of a DEANS® connector.  A concern is brought up is when the contact may touch the ground and get dirty.  On the one hand it is easy to wipe off any dirt, but the request is to minimize some of the exposure.  It could also be when unplugging and simply not to make contact with another area of the vehicle.  Whatever the situation, here is a solution that works well for those situations.

In the image, a 5/8" shrink tube is applied to the male side.  To install

  • Use masking tape over the female side
  • Slip oversize shrink tube over the male end
  • Connect the female and the male connectors
  • Shrink the tube with enough depth of prongs on the male side
    • Do not overshrink the portion that goes over the female end
  • Pull apart the male and female
  • Remove the tape

This method is great in that it allows a user to reuse the plug later for another application, possibly fitting it into a housing.  

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