DEANS® Tech Bench - Heat matters in the system

Temperature can be both good and bad for the performance of your vehicle.  In the news, we have heard about the drawbacks of the of electric vehicles (EVs) in cold places.  Drones are affected just as well.  The operating time can be cut short significantly.

On the other end of the spectrum, motors are including temperature limits to ensure that the motor does not get too hot.  Whether a robot, RC vehicle, or automation equipment, temperature matters.  Below is a chart of sample ranges to consider.

In the above example, it is clear that the high temperature is limited by the battery, control board, and the motor.  Manufacturers will recommend temperature ranges for multiple reasons.  The insulation at too low of a temperature becomes brittle.  Wire above a certain temperature will increase resistance which why the max operating and failure temperatures were selected far below its melt temperature.  Depending on the mixture, polycarbonate wrapping for batteries and abs enclosures have typical melt temperatures of 260°C and 105°C, respectively.  
Warehouse and in-building situations offer the best operation for powered systems.  Looking at the importance of wiring and connectors, several things can be done to reduce the impact to the rest of the system.  Ensure that the cable is sized right.  Keep the cable as short as possible to minimize resistance.  Additionally, key to minimizing surprises is using quality products like those supplied by W.S. Deans.  Our Deans® logo is on our packaging.  When purchasing through our partners, make sure to validate it is a genuine Deans® product.
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