DEANS® Engineering - Step 2 What are the creators designing

In the last post, we described the need define what you want when undergoing product development.  Deans® Ultra Plug® has a long history and many users.  With this, we took a look at what others have developed.  Popular sites like Thingiverse and Printables are a great place to start for seeing the creativity of the DIYer.  

In the following image, Guyzerr, made the Solder Assist on Printables.  He There is a spot for the wire to rest as well.  One improvement we see is for the plug to be rotatable so that solder can be applied from the top.  Here at WS Deans, we also recommend that a plug is soldered without another plug on the other side as the additional metal can act as a heat sink.

Over on Thingiverse, we found from EpochCustom, the Deans Master.  We printed one out to see how it worked.  The tricky part is setting the 3D printer to make sure there is a snug fit.  The part is low to the workbench, so it might be a bit challenging for those wanting the soldering iron to come in fairly level with the plug.

Deans Master

By this point, we were looking to test out an idea, to get a better feel of the challenges.  Wait for the next post to see what we came up with on the first product experiment.  A special thanks to those of you creating ideas and sharing them with the community.  

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