DEANS® Engineering - Step 1 Define what you want

We have seen some interesting designs on the web for holding the Deans® Ultra Plug®.  So, we decided to take you through the process of how we work our designs and make improvements.  The first step is to define the problem.

From comments on various sites, soldering can be a bit challenging, especially when needing to connect a solder out in the field or by the track.  Some hold the Ultra Plug® in a vice, a wire in one hand, and the soldering iron in the other hand.  Notice that there was no mention of holding solder in a hand.  Take a look at our How to solder DEANS® connectors for details as to why this is the case.  The challenge is that a vice often gets in the way or cannot be rotated to handle the angles best suited for soldering the wire.  So, the challenge goes as follows:

  • Design for the multiple angles that the plug will be soldered with the wire
  • Make the system small enough to fit in an on-the-go tool chest
  • Ensure the material will hold the load when pressing the tinned wire tip to the plug tab
  • See that the system stable and will not tip over nor slip whether on a workbench or picnic table
  • Consider the design elements


Stay tuned for a more posts on this innovative design, which promises to make soldering Deans® Ultra Plug® simpler, safer, and more efficient than ever before!

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