• Tim, RC Hobbyist

      The Best!

    • Ziggy, RC Enthusiast

      I have been using dean's connectors for over 40 year and swear by them.

    • Tommy, RC Flyer

      ALL Deans! Never a short/failure with either.

    • Doug, RC Driver

      All I use!!

    Bigger is not better; Fit for purpose is Better

    Many other plugs, are bigger and heavier, but choose to have higher resistance. The Deans® Ultra Plug® keeps the flash to the speed of the car. As the ultimate choice in t-plug design, the Ultra Plug® continues to outperform.

    Resistance Tests
    • How long will it take to install the Deans® Ultra Plug®?

      The Deans® Ultra Plug® takes about 5 minutes to solder and shrink the tube onto the ends of the wire.

    • I have tried Deans® connectors in the past, but they just did not come apart.

      Not knowing if the battery and the speed control side are from the same factory causes misalignments. The clones use inferior materials not selected for gliding, especially after 1,000 connect/disconnects.

    • Will I be able to use my old charger?

      If the charger does not have a Deans® Ultra Plug® connection, use an adapter made from the parts cut off plugs being replaced. The battery is charged by trickling in the electricity. Remember, the key is having power when getting off the line or making that jump.

    Made in the


    The Deans® Ultra Plug® is the real deal, Made in the USA, and puts more power to where it needs to go.

    We control our manufacturing in house, not sourcing from overseas. We strive to improve on product performance with improved materials.



    Clone t-plugs were made to look like a Deans®, but they hide power loss and improper fit. They are nowhere close to Deans® in quality and performance.

    With Batteries and ESC coming from different factories and more factories making Clone t-plugs, The fit is not guarenteed. With Deans® you know you will get the right fit!

    See Clone Resistance Tests